Levi, world traveler

Levi was “made in Spain”, born in Australia, and–by the age of a month and a half–was the proud owner of two passports. (Ok, so his parents were proud at least… he was fairly indifferent still.)

When Ryan and I chose a cross-cultural marriage, we also chose each others nations and each others families. We knew that it would present both challenges and joys. The biggest challenge is–and may always be–the distance between loved ones.

As part of our committment to our families, we thought it important that Levi get to meet the everyone (or everyone got to meet Levi:) as early as possible. Though some may not understand why we feel it important for a trip that he most definitely won’t remember… it’s our conviction that there’s long-term significance in the connecting whether he can yet comprehend or not.

Life. . .  is. . .  for. . .  relationship.

Luckily the new airline — VAustralia — also cooperated and offered us a relatively cheap airfare. So, with only a couple of weeks notice, I took off for America with my 7-week-old newborn son. Crazy? Absolutely. Worth it? Most definitely.

Ryan wasn’t able to come with us due to work committments (not to mention the on-sale-yet-still-overpriced plane tickets), but Levi and I went for two weeks – a few days in Sydney to visit the Booker side of the family (and get Levi’s American passport!) and 10 days in America to see the McIntosh side of the family (including the Blackwells of course).

It was a quick trip, and so hard for our newly formed little family to be separated (daddy to be left alone without his loves, and mommy experiencing life as a “single” parent) but it was so worth while.

There were lots of wonderful moments like Levi meeting his uncle Andy and his great-grandparents, receiving prayer from the whole of Westside Church, Levi being bundled up in quilts for his first stroller ride in the mountains, and navigating LAX and other airports with all of our luggage and my own most precious cargo strapped to my chest in a sling.

Thanks to everyone who made our visit so great. The laughs, the lattes, the cuddles and the conversations, the photos and the food. Levi loved America and we all can’t wait for next time. x

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