I want to live! (reposted from www.iwtl.org)

I Want To Live is the newly launched campaign fresh out of the  YWAM Medical Ship Tour

that is heading to Papua New Guinea. Our ship, “The Pacific Link” is currently touring across the port cities of Australia raising awareness about the health care needs of PNG and encouraging young Australians to get involved!

Who are we?

We are a group of crazy young people who believe that Australian youth can make a difference and impact in this world. We are a part of YWAM which is a diverse global Christian non-for profit volunteer organization currently opperating in over 1000 locations and 149 different countries.

Where are we?

Check out the Tour page for the dates and locations that the Ship is traveling to.  YWAM Reef To Outback is the location where our communications team is located, if you click the handy dandy link above you can see a view of our awesome center!

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