We have news!

February 2010
A big hello and a hug to you from the Bookers. Below you’ll find our latest news, victories, and prayer requests. If you don’t have time to read on, here’s the summarized version:

• Levi Scott was born on 29 January. (Complete story below.)
• The YWAM Medical Ship has arrived and teams have begun ministry.
• We are leading the Staff Leadership Internship and it’s off to a great start.
• Coming up in the next couple of months: Ryan’s birthday, our anniversary, teaching, and more…. Including a possible trip to America for Adriel and Levi.
• We have lots to thank God for at the moment and also some specific prayer requests. (We’d really appreciate your prayers!!)

And if you have time, here’s the news from our world in a little more detail…..

Introducing Levi Scott Booker.
We are proud to announce the arrival of our precious son, Levi! Levi was born on Friday, January 29, 2010 in Townsville Hospital at 5:46pm. (The clever boy was born right on his due date!) Adriel went into labour in the early hours of the morning, and when we went to the Birth Centre ready to deliver later that day… we found out the little guy was breech. Because of that she had an emergency C-section (which was not a part of the plan!) but it all went really well and Levi was born healthy and without complications for both mom and baby. At birth he was 8.5 pounds (4.77kg) and 21.7 inches (55cm) long… and perfect. Neither of us realized how much more we could fall in love with him and with each other as we’ve transitioned into our new roles as mom and dad. Every day we learn more about how to care for him, and every day we learn more about the love of the Father toward us. Being parents is amazing! We are so grateful for this awesome gift of family and thank God for bringing us this joy of a little boy. Thank you to all for your prayers, encouragement, gifts, and well wishes.

Our ship has come in.
Most of you know that we’ve been planning and preparing for the last two years to receive a medical ship given to us (YWAM Austraia) by YWAM New Zealand. Well, that day has finally come! Last week the MV Pacific Link arrived in Newcastle, Australia where she was met with about 200 welcoming YWAMers and community members. She’s received a fresh coat of paint, the YWAMers have moved into their cabins, and now the ship is about to set off on the first leg of our Australian tour. For the next several months, the ship will be visiting 16 different port cities along the eastern seaboard of Australia. In each port city we will be visiting schools, churches and community groups raising awareness about the needs of the poor and needy in Papua New Guinea, and mobilizing young people, medical professionals, and other community members to do what they can to make a difference with their lives. Just this week our teams have already spoken to over 1500 youth, using bands, dance and multi-media to capture their hearts and imaginations for the possibilities to serve in PNG. They have also gathered hundreds of toothbrushes and eye glasses already to be given out on the PNG leg of the tour later this year when we go in with the ship to conduct clinics and provide other practical services with teams of medical professionals that will join us. Along with the medical help, we will also be distributing Bibles, teaching seminars and serving the local church. Thank you for your continued prayers for this new and exciting ministry that we’ve stepped into.

Discipling leaders for life and missions.
Although we are involved in many different aspects of the base, at the moment our main ministry focus as a couple is the Staff Leadership Internship (SLI). In January we had seven new staff members join us and we’ve been working with them to help develop them as leaders. During our two-week orientation (at the beginning of the internship) we taught on goal-setting, self-leadership, and preparing for longevity in ministry… as well as helped get them integrated into the base with such topics as understanding our values, time management, hospitality, personal budgeting, and support-raising for missions. Since then we continue to meet with them and provide teaching on things like integrity, the character of a leader, and many other topics that will help equip them for life and missions. Although we are leading this ministry together, Ryan is carrying it on a day-to-day basis at the moment as Adriel works out life at home with a newborn! Once Adriel and Levi are in more of an established routine, she will work part-time from home, mostly preparing teaching material and also meeting and caring for staff that need someone to talk and process with. She will also be a regular speaker on the internship (and other schools) and help with the hand-on discipleship of our interns and staff.

Coming up:
• Ryan’s 36th birthday on March 1.
• We celebrate our 2nd anniversary on March 25.
• We’re working on getting Adriel and Levi to America for 10-14 days around Easter-time so Levi can meet the rest of our family and all his adoring state-side fans. (We’ll also build in a layover in Sydney to visit family there and take Levi to Ryan’s home church to meet his Sydney friends!)
• Together we will teach on “Relationships” on the DTS in April.
• The new intake of staff interns will begin mid-April with two weeks of Staff Orientation (which we lead and teach). At this point we have 10 staff accepted for this quarter, and a few more still in the application process.
• We’re excited for a visit from Ryan’s sister, Koronae, and her husband Ben and son Jackson toward the end of April!

Praise reports:
• Thank God for a smooth delivery of Levi and a healthy mom and baby.
• Thank God that our parents – Bob & Sylvia Booker and Scott & Gwen McIntosh – were able to come and spend time with us and meet their newest grandson.
• Thank God for providing a new fridge for us after our last fridge died.
• Thank God that the MV Pacific Link (medical ship) made it to Australia on time and with no complications.
• Thank God for an eager and teachable group of staff interns and the opportunity to disciple them in leadership.
• Thank God for this wonderful season we’ve entered into as new parents.
• Thank God for all the blessings and gifts we’ve received on behalf of Levi (he’s one well-dressed little kid!).

Prayer requests:
• Pray for grace and wisdom as we learn and grow as parents to Levi.
• Pray for the ability to know how to prioritize our marriage, family, and ministry responsibilities.
• Pray for thousands of young people to hear and respond to the message of missions as our teams travel the coast of Australia with the ship tour.
• Pray for continued—and increased—financial provision for us as a family as our regular expenses increase.
• Pray for provision for the “extras” that we are looking at over the next few months including: a plane ticket for Adriel to take Levi to America, a new computer, and an air-conditioning unit for our house.
• Pray for a speedy process of getting Levi’s birth certificate, necessary paperwork, and passport so that Adriel can take him on the visit to America.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stay updated on our life and ministry. We couldn’t do what we do without your love, support, and encouragement…. So thank you!!! Please know that we value and appreciate you, and that we absolutely love hearing from you when you’re able.

With Love,
Ryan, Adriel, and Levi Scott Booker

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