The big move is over {phew}

After a long, sweaty weekend the Bookers have moved house. We’re now in our new house and can’t keep saying “I love this place!” enough. Thanks to several friends willing to roll their sleeves up, we were able to move last Thursday and then spent the weekend setting up house. This is not just a new house for us – we believe it’s a representation of a whole new season beginning for us.

This is our first family home – with plenty of room to grow into. We’ve moved in just in time to celebrate Christmas and to welcome our first visitors next month: Adriel’s parents and then Baby Booker (hopefully in that order!).

Last night we had a Christmas/housewarming party to welcome our friends to the new place, and it was thrilling to see over 70 people come through and enjoy our home very comfortably both upstairs and down. (In our last flat 12 people was stretching it!)

Our upstairs has four bedrooms: a big master bedroom, a nursery, a guest room, and a study (which doubles as a second hang-out room). It also has a large open kitchen/dining/lounge room, a good size bathroom, a garage with space for Ryan’s workshop, plenty of storage, and a big front and back yard with lots of potential. (That’s a nice way of saying that right now it’s very ugly… but we plan on fixing it up over time. *smile*)

The downstairs has another three bedrooms, lounge room, big kitchen, and bathroom. Good friends of ours are renting the downstairs unit from us: Emma, Katie, JP, and Renee. As YWAMers we’ve grown to love community and feel this is the best of both worlds for us: our own private space, but with built-in “extended family” right downstairs. It’s perfect!

We’re pretty much all set-up now, except for the nursery and the guest room, which will happen over the next couple of weekends as we have time. Our mailing address has not changed (PO Box 6221, Townsville, QLD 4810, Australia)… but what has changed is that we now have a guest room! So, if you’ve been thinking about a visit to the tropics, now is as good a time as ever!

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  1. Hey there frank. Sorry I don’t believe that he was. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t. Why do you ask? And I might be able to help you>

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