Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I’M THANKFUL FOR…godly grandparents who paved the way for my parents–the best I could ask for. I’M THANKFUL FOR…an amazing brother who’s also a great friend. I’M THANKFUL FOR…the most incredible husband imaginable and my very best friend. I’M THANKFUL FOR…a healthy little boy that I grow more in love with daily. I’M THANKFUL FOR…a wonderful family—both the one I was born into and the one I married into.

I’M THANKFUL FOR…friends from all over the world. Some are much older than me, some are much younger… some I’ve known for over 20 years, some I’ve known for a few months. Each relationship is different, and each is so special. They widen my view of humanity, teach me about myself, help me see life from different perspectives, give me glimpses of heaven, and enrich my life.

I’M THANKFUL FOR…my good health and relative ease of life. I’M THANKFUL FOR…a nice place to call home, comfortable furniture, good clothes, and a well-stocked pantry. I’M THANKFUL FOR…a job that I actually like, which gives meaning and purpose to my days. I’M THANKFUL FOR…my American passport and all that US citizenship and all that it entitles me, and my Australian residency and the blessings that come with it.

I’M THANKFUL FOR…being given an education and opportunities that so many of the world’s girls/women only dream about. I’M THANKFUL FOR…the freedom to write, speak, think, vote, act, and worship the way my conscience and conviction leads. I’M THANKFUL FOR…Australia’s health care system and America’s inventiveness, determined pioneering spirit, and diverse variety of arts and entertainment.

I’M THANKFUL FOR…my Christian faith and the hope, joy and peace that it provides. I’M THANKFUL FOR…a God who loves and cares about me personally while also loving and caring about the entire of humanity. I’M THANKFUL FOR…the world-wide church and the fellowship of believers that I can connect and relate to for encouragement, challenge, support, and discipleship.

I’M THANKFUL FOR…my tribe called YWAM, blue skies, and Starbucks grande caramel macchiatos. I’M THANKFUL FOR…music and movies and outings to the beach. I’M THANKFUL FOR…cars and planes and internet banking. I’M THANKFUL FOR…skype and facebook and the world wide web. I’M THANKFUL FOR…Christmas and BBQs and sleep-in Sundays. I’M THANKFUL FOR…chai lattes and hot showers and contact lenses.

(Adriel – Thanksgiving 2009)

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