Celebrating 32

I had a great birthday last week… despite Ryan being away in New Zealand. Friends here made it such a special day, complete with flowers, coffee and doughnuts at morning tea, and an amazing progressive dinner party with all my favourite foods at Shey, Emma & Fiona, and Robyn’s houses…. Not to mention a wonderful cello performance from the beautiful Carla. I also had a surprise virtual birthday party with Ryan’s team in NZ over video skype where they brought out a cake laden with candles, sang me the “happy birthday” song, and finished with party poppers and cheers. (And then they ate the cake in front of me – haha, nice!) I was able to talk to both Ryan and my parents over skype (and see their lovely faces too!) and also talk to mum and dad Booker by phone. Throughout the day I was showered with gifts and encouragement and affirmation as everyone made such an effort to make me feel loved and special. I also enjoyed getting cards and packages, emails and facebook messages from friends all over the world from many different nations. It was a great reminder of the richness in my life and the incredible gift of relationships. Thanks to all for making my 32nd birthday so wonderful, and thanks to God for giving me this many great years so far!
Love, Adriel

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 32

  1. Ryan you are a great guy! Who would have ever thought of having a Skype Birthday party. Cake and all. I loved it!

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