Quick outreach update

palm island kidsWe’ve just returned from “local outreach” in Palm Island and Mt. Isa with the DTS. It was a great time to see the students in action and lives being touched in these Aboriginal communities.

In two-and-a-half weeks we begin our overseas outreach with teams going to Papua New Guinea, Outback Australia, and New Zealand. Ryan is leading the New Zealand team and Adriel will be joining with the team for part of the outreach.

When we last wrote we needed approximately $4500 for outreach… We’re still in need of some finances, but our total need is now down to $2800 (AUD), which is great. If you’re able to give toward this expense, please let us know ASAP and/or see our “Give” page for details on how to contribute.

Thanks for your prayers and support which enables us to go on outreach and do all that God’s called us to do. Together with you–our partners–we are reaching nations!

Much love from the Booker Three x

p.s. See our new “Baby” page above if you’d like ideas on how to welcome little bubby Booker (and help out his parents too)!

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