Calling our prayer reinforcements!












I’m not gonna lie, the Booker family needs your prayers right now! Thanks so much for remembering us in your prayers, and for your support and encouragement.

Love from the three of us,
Adriel, Ryan, and Baby BOY Booker 🙂

First of all, we have some urgent needs related to our upcoming outreach. In just over a month we leave for New Zealand (with the team we’re leading) to help with the Ship Tour there. The outreach will focus on evangelism, mobilizing young people into missions, and raising awareness and gathering resources for the poor and needy. We need to see approximately $4500aud ($3800usd) come in between the two of us. Please pray for us regarding these outreach finances, and consider giving if you’re able.

Secondly, Ryan’s mom – Sylvia – has just been diagnosed with secondary cancer in her liver and lymph nodes. We found out just over a week ago and she begins chemotherapy on Wednesday. As you can imagine, it’s all quite a shock. Bob and Sylvia and the rest of the family are doing well – all things considering – but we’d greatly appreciate your prayers for her healing and for grace throughout the chemo process. (FYI, Ryan and I were able to fly down to Sydney last weekend for four days to be with the family and help with the early days of hospital visits, tests, and dealing with the initial emotions of it all. It was wonderful to be together.)

And lastly, with all that’s going on – outreach around the corner, financial deadlines, leading the DTS, seeing mum Booker head into chemo, pregnancy and preparing for parenthood – both Ryan and I are under a lot of pressure. We’re leaning into God but are well aware of our weaknesses and need for personal support. Please do pray for us as we try to be faithful to God in our family as well as our ministry responsibilities. We desperately want to keep our priorities in line with His.

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