Back from two weeks out bush

We’ve just returned from two weeks of camping with the DTS up at Hidden Valley (two hours outside of Townsville). It was a great time of bonding and meeting with God… without all the distractions of everyday life (internet, phones, tv, etc).

The first week camping we had lectures on the “Lordship of Christ” with Ryan speaking. His teaching went really well and the students had some amazing victories in their lives. It was an awesome time of growth and ministry.

During the second week we were joined by the April DTS, the entire staff of YWAM Townsville, and all the base children for our RTO Staff Retreat. Together all 120 of us enjoyed God’s great outdoors with friends and ministry partners.

We also had Dave and Carrie Stephenson with us from YWAM Newcastle – Carrie speaking in the staff sessions, and Dave speaking on the DTS. Their input to our ministry was timely, and it was fun to have these good friends with us for a short time.

It was a wonderful two weeks – despite the frigidly cold nights and a leaky air mattress – but we’re now thankful to be home. We’re clean, our clothes are fresh, and we’re enjoying our internet, refrigerator, and cozy bed again!

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