It’s your prayers that keep us going

We are accutely aware that we could never be successful at doing what we’re doing if it weren’t for the faithful prayers of our friends, families, and churches. Thanks for taking a moment to read our recent prayer requests and pray for us as a couple and in ministry.

1. Pray for us as we co-lead the DTS together – that we’d learn how to be a powerful ministry team, compliment each other with our strengths, champion each other in our passions, and honour each other as we serve alongside those we lead.

2. Pray for our DTS students and staff – that they would enter into all that God has for them during this time and really grow in their understanding of God and of their place in the world.

3. Pray for our ministry centre overall – that God would lead us corporately as we navigate the many opportunities and challenges presented to us.

4. Pray for God’s timing for us as we’ve committed to pioneering the youth centre as well as developing the areas of staff care and leadership development…. And yet wait for decisions to be processed and things to move forward.

5. Pray for us as we plan financially for our expanding family…. and as we wade through all the baby gear needs and discern what’s necessary and what’s just marketing frenzy! 🙂 We need wisdom for both short-term and long-term planning.

6. Pray for the health and development of baby Booker as well as the health of Adriel. (By the way, except for the flu, Adriel’s pregnancy health has been great – no dramas with morning sickness or anything!) Bubby is due on January 29, 2010.

7. Pray for the continued strengthening of our marriage, friendship, and communication as we prepare for all the changes that come with parenthood and our evolving roles.

One thought on “It’s your prayers that keep us going

  1. Hi Ryan and Adriel,
    JUst thought I’d say I like your big blog. Rog hasn’t read it yet but I will get him to.
    I am so out of this social networking thing- twitter and flicker are all beyond me. I barely get around to looking at Facebook. The photos taken by your friend are lovely. God Bless, Rhondda.

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