How about a few mini-posts in one?

Oh the Booker world. We realize it’s time for an update on our behalf, so here’s some of the highlights from the last little while.

Celebrating the 4th of July with a bang.
We celebrated the American holiday by inviting over several friends and having a good old BBQ outside in our shared back yard. It was a great time of enjoying friends and the beautiful BBQ we were given by good friends who moved to Canada, as well as the outdoor set we were given for Christmas from mum and dad Booker. Nothing beats a good BBQ on a sunny Saturday afternoon (complete with sparklers for the kiddos).

Hosting lots of guests and visitors.
We’ve had lots of good company recently. It started with our friend Emily from America visiting for a couple of weeks. (Thanks for sharing your vacation with us Em!) We also had Shell & Foz pass through for a visit, and then Bronte and Katherine and the kids came through Townsville on their Sabbatical/holiday trip around Australia. Lastly we had Bel from Cronulla come and stay with us for a week. In a couple weeks time Helen comes for a visit while she’s up in Townsville on a work trip for the Salvation Army. We’re getting great use out of the second bedroom before little baby Booker takes over the place…. And it’s wonderful to get to share our home with friends.

Are we swine flu survivors?
Adriel was recently out sick for seven days with a nasty flu virus. Since the swine flu has been tearing through our area, Adriel got tested and, unfortunately a week later, we still don’t have the pathology results back! The clinics are so backlogged that half the city is waiting to hear their swine flu verdicts. 🙂 Whether it was the infamous swine flu or not, all’s well and she’s recovered now and the doctor tells us little bubby Booker should be just fine and un-effected. (Adriel worked hard to keep her fever at bay while it persisted for five days straight!) Through it all Ryan was a champion husband – not only taking care of Adriel, but also taking care of all of our home and ministry responsibilities.

[Update 1 August 2009: Reports finally came back and Adriel did, in fact, have swine flu. All seems to be well now though… except for a little cough that just keeps hanging on. Please pray for continued protection and healthy development of our baby as the effects of swine flu on babies in utero are still unknown since it is a new virus strand.]

The new DTS is in motion.
Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England, USA, Canada, Fiji… seven nations, 22 students, and 5 staff. That’s what our new DTS looks like! We’re now on week two of the new July DTS and it’s off to a great start. The students are settling into community life and adjusting to their new surroundings here in Townsville. They are hungry for God and for learning what it means to really engage their faith and prepare for ministry within missions. It’s a great privilege to be leading these guys and as a couple we are enjoying learning how to co-lead in ministry together.

Other ministry updates in brief:

• The Ship Ministry – The ship ministry is moving forward at rapid pace. Things are coming together for the Australia-Papua New Guinea Tour next year, and we are continuing to be astounded by the favour God’s giving us as a ministry – both within the government, as well as local medical and business circles.

• Youth Centre – Things are moving slowly in relation to the youth centre for the time being, but we haven’t forgotten the things God’s spoken. Our director is largely focused on our ship ministry at the moment, but we will be having more meetings about the youth centre soon. We’ll keep you posted.

• Staff Care & Development – We’ve written a detailed proposal for developing the whole area of leadership and pastoral care for our staff on base, and we’re now waiting for the proposal to be processed through base leadership. Again, we’ll keep you posted!

• Darwin Tour – We’ve just had teams leave for Darwin in Northern Australia where they are doing evangelistic campaigns using mediums such as hip hop dance, island cultural performances, strong man teams, and more. We’re trusting God for thousands to hear the Gospel and respond to the truth of Jesus during this tour, especially in remote aboriginal communities.

One thought on “How about a few mini-posts in one?

  1. We are so glad to hear from you – thank God all is going well and the Lord continues to bless you and your growing family!
    Please know that we pray for you and ask our Lord Jesus Christ to continue keeping His hand on you in all of your activities overseas – Phil. 4:13. You are very special to us and the church family and we look forward to your continuous correspondance.

    God Bless the Bookers.

    Kimo & Karen Dejon

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