Testifying of God’s goodness to us

We wanted to take some time to TESTIFY about the faithfulness of God while we were away in America and Spain. God has just been so good to us and we want glory to go to HIM… and for you to be blessed with faith for what you’re trusting God for too.

Before a list of highlights, we really want to say a huge THANK YOU for the massive part you all played in sending us to America and Spain especially. About 80% of our school fees for the LDC were given to us by YWAMers, and that alone was awesome. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and generosity toward us, for believing in us, and for blessing us in what we felt God was calling us to do. We are so, so thankful.

Now, for a few highlights… a glimpse of God’s goodness to us during our time:

–We got to be a part of a miraculous $602,000+ offering given at YWAM Kona for an urgent property need. It was so faith-building and so much fun to start our time on the mainland armed with such a great story of God’s provision and goodness.

–We gained around 10 new monthly supporters.

–We had an amazing meeting with my pastor and a renewed commitment by them to support us. Our pastors was so stoked about the things we shared (ship ministry and youth centre) and left with more commitment to us than ever.

–We got to spend 5 days in a gorgeous cottage on the beach for free – just the two of us. (A belated wedding gift from last year!)

–We were given $1000 AUD “fun” spending money to use on our trip – only for spending on tourist stuff, souvenirs, fun activities, gifts for each other, etc! What an amazing and fun blessing!

–We had a whole bunch of “couple photos” taken of us for free by a photographer friend wanting to boost her portfolio.

–We “happened” to be home during the ONE weekend a YEAR that our church has a missions meeting and were able to share all about what we’re headed into in ministry over the next five years.

–We visited the City Central church while in the Seattle area, made some new friends, and ended up going to dinner with them, staying the night with them, and being on the receiving end of THREE HOURS of incredible prayer ministry! (And they’ve since moved to YWAM Perth so I was able to help them with “what to expect” in moving to Perth.) We were so personally blessed by this connection.

–We had about $1000 USD worth of free dental work done… AND we possibly recruited my dentist to the Papua New Guinea Ship Tour for next year.

–We were given a gift of about $7000 USD which almost EXACTLY finished paying off our wedding/moving debt from last year, finished paying for our remaining LDC fees, AND finished paying for all of our plane tickets for the trip.

–We spent Easter with my grandparents and extended family in So Cal.

–We had really fun layovers in Chicago and Dublin on our way to Spain.

–We got to visit some really fun places in southern Spain on Saturdays: Granada, Mijas, Seville, and Cordoba. It was awesome to have some tourist days to sightsee and enjoy that area of Espania!

–We were pumped full of prayer and prophecy on the LDC, and really strengthened in spirit as we received and soaked up all that God was doing.

–We got in last minute to a booked-out Flamenco (dance) performance… and the lady squeezed in a little table for us between the front table and the stage! So much fun! (And it was FREE with dinner!)

–We had a pool at our house and regular Sunday afternoon swims with the gorgeous Korean children we shared a villa with.

–We made friends from Germany, Holland, Switzerland, England, Korea, Scotland, America, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa and got to meet YWAMers doing amazing things all over the world.

We made a baby!!!!

–Most of all, we got refreshed and inspired as we spent time in the presence of the Lord.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us in what we felt called to do, and to our friends in Townsville for missing us while we were away! 🙂 It was so nice to be missed and be so warmly welcomed home last week. It really made our transition back home a joyful one.

We love you guys and hope that reading some of our highlights will build faith in you. After all, our stories are your stories. To God be the glory!

Love you,
The Booker Three x

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