Revelations and orange trees en Espania

After a great time travelling in the States, visiting family and friends and Adriel’s home church, we finally made it to Espania!

We’ve been here doing a Leadership Development Course that’s specifically designed for YWAM leaders who have been in major ministry positions for five years or more. It’s a course to help equip us in leadership, but also to bring refreshing and ministry encouragement for long-term missionaries.

It’s been an awesome time here in Spain. These are some of our highlights:

• Learning from YWAM leaders who have gone before us and have a wider experience in ministry and life.
• Gaining confidence in leadership. (Ryan)
• Learn to rest and relax. (Adriel)
• Sitting in the warm Spanish sun by the pool during our breaks from classes!
• Learning some keys to pacing ourselves for the long-haul in missions.
• Enjoying spiring and blooming flowers everywhere. (The Spaniards love flowers and fountains!)
• Living in the same house with a Korean family with children, an Indonesian woman and a Hawaiian woman, and enjoying the lemon and orange trees in our back yard!
• Gaining revelation of our position in Christ as leaders.
• Broadening our understanding how to develop leaders around us.
• Making new friends and connections in ministry.
• Exploring near-by cities and villages on the Costa del Sol on the weekends.
• Being renewed in spirit and vision, and being personally refreshed and encouraged by the Lord Jesus!

Our time here in Spain has gone far too fast – we’re enjoying it immensely. However, it’s always good to be home and we’re looking forward to that very much. We miss friends in Australia and have exciting ministry opportunities and challenges to return to as we begin pioneering the youth centre.

Thanks for your prayers and help in making this special training sabbatical possible.

Love, the Bookers en Espania

For more photos of our time in Spain, click here for our facebook album.

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