G’day, we’re the Booker Tribe

Ask any one of us and we’ll tell you the best thing in our lives is each other. (Well, some of us would also add in Lego or camping or coffee or… our beloved dog, Frankie.) We are fiercely in love with one another and deeply committed to learning how to live our lives in such a way as to demonstrate the goodness of God to our neighbours. At times we realize how much we still need to grow, and yet at the end of the day we believe God is pleased with us… because he loves all his kids and puts their pictures front and center on his fridge. (Yes, yours is there too. And for the record he’s pleased with you, too.)

the Booker Tribe 2017

We moved to Sydney a couple of years ago to cultivate community in the best way we know how, and we count it a privilege to serve a generation of young people and help them know God, discover who they are in light of him, and begin to connect their gifts and passion with the needs of the world. In fact, we believe in these ideas so much that we’ve given our whole lives to this pursuit. But make no mistake, there’s nothing fancy or heroic about us. We’re simply living our ordinary lives hand in hand with our extraordinary friend Jesus. (And the best part is, every now and then we get glimpses of just how magical and holy our ordinary lives actually are. We’re amazed every time.)

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If you’d like to stay connected with us, the best way is through our family newsletter, which we send out about three or four times a year. It does include some news bites, but more than that it’s a letter meant to encourage you. And if we’re really honest, the second best way is probably by following Adriel on facebook. (She’s the words gal of the family.) Of course we also hang out on instagram (Ryan here and Adriel here), and all the overflow gets spilled out on Adriel’s blog. For more on our ministry, you can dig around all sorts of pages (and our ministry blog) over on our website for YWAM Sydney Newtown.

Adriel & the rest of the Booker Tribe (Ryan, Levi, Judah, Micah, Coco the kitty, and Frankie the pup) XO