We are unable to do what we do without prayer support from other believers. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us.

Updated August 2014:

Ongoing: Healing and grace in the wake of losing our baby last month. We need your prayers and friendship as we navigate loss for the second year in a row.

Urgent: Approval of Ryan’s visa extension (currently set to expire in August). We need to stay until October to finish our work in Bend and work on the preparations necessary for moving to Sydney.

Urgent: Provision of our financial needs to cover medical expenses and maintenance costs on our house.

Urgent & Ongoing: Please pray for Ryan and Adriel as we feel we’re staring at giants in the form of financial needs. Pray that we’d be strengthened in our faith as we continue to move forward with what we believe is right in God, even when it doesn’t all make sense “on paper.”

Soon: Please pray for us (don’t forget the boys!) and for Adriel’s parents (Scott and Gwen) as we prepare to make the transition back to Australia. We have enjoyed this time together immensely and it will be HARD to say goodbye.

Soon: We’d appreciate prayer for finding the right house or apartment near YWAM Wollongong that will suit our family during our time between sabbatical and launching into Sydney, as well as the finances to be able to secure the rental (most likely in November). We’ll need first and last month’s rent plus deposits and it all adds up quickly!

Ongoing: Adriel’s writing endeavors, the right opportunities, and wisdom and discernment to recognize them.

Urgent & Ongoing: Ryan’s parents (Bob and Sylvia) as mum fights cancer and navigates the physical and emotional stress of her diagnosis. Of course, we also continue to pray for mum’s healing!


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