The one in which we contemplate moving into a caravan/camper

family caravan

One of the most liberating (and potentially anxiety-inducing, if we let it be) aspects of our sabbatical is that we are wide open to creative ideas about how to move forward with our plans and ministry and life in general. … Continue reading

A Radical Sabbatical report and our launch into… Sydney!

The Booker family

As a family we’ve now transitioned from the much-needed “rest” part of our sabbatical into the “preparation” phase as we pray, plan, and prepare to head to Sydney. It’s exciting to see things beginning to come together as we give … Continue reading

Our “Radical Sabbatical” (and how it’s absolutely rocking our world)

boys and pine trees

Oh friends! I can’t believe I haven’t written a general update for friends and supporters since JANUARY. This, I suppose, is evidence that we’ve well and truly switched gears during our sabbatical – trying our best to enter into selah. We have lots of … Continue reading